Advertising on the web

Or it’s a nothing new or surprising but the website is maintained with advertising. It’s not something new or something that is only done here, 90% of internet websites stay that way. That’s why I’m going to use this post to make clear the type of advertising that is being used so that all users are aware of it and so that, if they see any other that is not listed here, they can report it in the comments.

First of all, 2 things:

1: Advertising on the web is optional, it depends on whether you want to support the website or not. You can avoid it completely (or mostly) by using Brave on both PC and mobile. It is also used for advertising video servers.

2: I want to make it clear that one is the advertising of the web (when browsing it) and the other is the advertising that pops up when playing the chapters that correspond to the video servers.
In that advertisement I can’t change anything, one week 2 pop-ups may appear, the next they can change it to 1, the next to 3 and so, it’s the decision of the owners of that server. In which I can change the frequency or the ad itself is on the web. That being said, let’s continue.


The advertising used at this time is:

1 pop-up every 10 minutes.

It is activated at the first click or tap the first time you enter the website. It is reactivated if you enter from another browser, VPN, incognito or when more than 15 minutes have passed. It’s not always accurate, sometimes they can jump 2 times but most of the time you have to respect that rule.

For those interested in knowing the company: trafficstars – juicyads – Clickadu – hilltopads


1 push notification every 10 minutes.

They are activated when you enter the website for the first time. They can be closed and will not reappear after 10 minutes. It’s not always accurate, but most of the time you have to respect that rule.

For those interested in knowing the company: Clickadilla


There are no more types of advertising on the web. If you see that you see another type of advertising that I have not mentioned in this post, please take a screenshot and put it in the comments with the following information: your country, if it appears on PC, mobile or both and if it appears always or at a certain time. Sometimes advertising companies increase advertising without warning and it leads to inconvenience users.